It’s not a solution unless it works!

You gave me immediate ideas and I thought to myself “I can use that!” – Denise, Prairie Hotel

Amy was a delight to have at our hotel. Her hands on efforts were a big help organizing and clarifying our procedures for taking inventory and controlling costs. She was a good sound board for hospitality industry issues and was very helpful at finding updated information regard techniques and procedures. Amy also helped in discuss ways to motivate and incentivize our employees with bench marks to monitor continued involvement of our staff.   N Bunce, La Quinta Inn & Suites

Business Process Excellence, LLC (BPe) is a unique hospitality and senior living consulting firm. We partner with clients to reduce overhead, increase sales and improve operational efficiency and productivity.

How do we do this:

By examining your organization’s productivity and the current processes that are challenging to your daily operations and making recommendations for improvement. In other words, we partner with your team to make the complex simple. Isn’t that refreshing?!?

We have been known to create an easy-to-understand Standard Operating Procedure in order to reduce housekeeping labor hours. Or a script written out so those answering the phone remember to ask for an email address. Then again, we might recommend a housekeeping productivity software such as Stark Solutions to improve cleanliness. Or, a staffing software such as OnShift to stop the madness of caregiver scheduling. Are your energy bills out of control? We can reduce them up to 40% with a ROI of 7-9 months! How fabulous is that?!?

Clients will experience:

  • Assurance that your operating costs are decreasing
  • Enhanced guest loyalty
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduction in staff downtime
  • Ensure your ADA Compliancy

We will assess your operations and create an individualized plan for improvement. Systems, systems everywhere! Oh, and we make the plan easy to follow and easy to implement! 

Why we do this

It’s all about the harmony. We like to leave behind more harmonious environments everywhere we go!


  •  Worked with a hotel GM to save over $30,000 in housekeeping wages annually. This happened within 48 hours of our visit to the hotel!
  •  Uncovered nearly decade old dispute between departments which resulted in opening lines of communication and began the process of restoration
  •  Created Housekeeping Cart Setup procedure to ensure uniformity in cart setup which assists in better monitoring inventory and reduced time spent searching for missing or forgotten items

“…hotel buyers…must pay extra attention to revenue and expenses to ensure a return that exceeds the market’s high acquisition and operating costs, said Scott D. Berman, principal in the Miami office of PricewaterhouseCoopers.” NY Times, Nov 6, 2012

Hotel Conference Presentation 2013Are you looking for a unique and relevant Conference Presenter?

2013 Hotel Conference PresentationAmy will present at your hotel or healthcare meeting or conference giving her innovative approach on reducing costs and improving productivity. See a small part of what she offers in the slides below. Contact us here to learn more.

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An example of Continental Airlines saving over $280 million dollars thanks to some KISS ideas.