Business Process Excellence, LLC (BPe) is an owner and creator of e-commerce stores.

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Truly love the University of Amy!!!!!
– Cindy Beata CaroleeKennels.com

Our philosophy: We choose ease!

In other words, why reinvent the wheel simply for the sake of reinventing it?!?

For example, we use BigCommerce (not an affiliate link) to host our sites and our client’s sites. Why? Because they are one of the biggest e-commerce host sites in the world. They are reliable, secure, have good customer service, many themes and apps to customize and are reasonably priced.

In fact, speaking of themes, BigCommerce has several beautiful themes to choose from. Did you know website theme designers spend hours and hours designing themes hoping people like you will pick their lovingly made creation? They don’t cost very much-not in comparison to what you would be charged if you wanted your own theme. So, we like to choose existing themes and make small changes to those. This gets your site up faster, with less money, creating a ROI quicker and, spreads the wealth.

We have a designer that will build a fabulous logo for you and any other images you want on your site! See her work here: MariahRuth. We have nationally recognized consultants we work with to ensure the quickest return on investment. Amy holds a B.S. and M.S. in Information Systems. Seriously! Can it get any better?!?

Interested in getting your own piece of the e-commerce pie? Email us at amy[@]bpenow.com.

Amy and Kevin, MSIM Graduation